Chennai’s Art Houz Gallery designed by Ar. Ramesh of BLD Design Studio is a well-planned gallery.

By August 26, 2014BLD Design Studio
posted on : 25 Jul 2013

The Art Houz gallery in Chennai designed by Ar. Ramesh of BLD Design Studio is a luxurious haven for art lovers.Art gallery Art Houz is a piece of art in itself. This 7,200 sq. ft. gallery could easily be one of the biggest and classiest galleries in India. The owners, Artists A.P. Shreethar and Vincent Adaikalraj, approached Architect Ramesh of BLD Design Studio to revamp this 50-year-old building into a state-of-the-art gallery. After gaining years of experience in Australia, Ramesh has infused international sensibilities into this structure. In fact, the response has been very encouraging with Art Houz already hosting 20 shows of renowned artists over the past one year.

Tucked in a posh locality on Kasturi Rangan road, this plush structure stands out for its opulent appearance. As per vastu principles, the entrance of the building is on the north-eastern side. The designer has extensively used glass for the façade with minimum opaque accents for the frontage to give a teaser of what lies inside.On entering, visitors are greeted with a life-like metal statue of a photographer. Leather sofas in the reception area, glass room dividers displaying artwork and the atrium in the rear end, where glass walls touch the double-height ceiling, lend an elegant and artistic feel to the space.
“Our sole aim was to focus on the artwork and hence, we kept the overall interiors minimal. The ceiling and flooring have straight, clean lines to achieve this minimalistic effect in the interiors. To incorporate the ‘follow-the-path’ flow, we had to break a few walls, connect all the three rooms and create a large display space,” Ramesh says.A.P. Shreethar did not want to clutter the gallery with too many design elements as it could divert the attention from the main focus. “A.P. Shreethar and Vincent wanted free-flowing spaces which would make it ideal to display artwork,” Ramesh adds. Besides, there were not many structural changes. The architect had to only do away with a few walls and windows and alter the exterior by using wooden panels. The building’s renovation was completed within a span of four months and it took another month for the finishing touches like landscaping, as a major part of the building overlooks this area. Besides, the use of polycarbonate gives the building a warm glow.One of the design highlights is the intelligent use of glass indoor, where 15-mm thick glass walls display artwork on either side. The glass can hold up artwork weighing up to 300 kg. The glass walls give the space a neat look and at the same time, are not obtrusive. “We have aligned all the glass walls. This is helpful if the owners want to display a painting that is 30-40 ft. in height or width,” Ramesh elaborates.
On the top floor, there is a lounge area for press briefings and a few artwork are on display here too. Besides, it also houses A.P. Shreethar’s workstation and office, and a balcony that is converted into a room. Due to the glass windows, there is a lot of natural light streaming in. Pressured laminated wooden flooring is used as a raised platform, where Shreethar has his digital workstation.Laminated veneer and wood is used for the exterior façade as well as in the interiors. The entire building has LED lighting fixtures indoors and focus lights on the outside. The lighting system is so effective, thus ensuring electricity consumption of not more than 400 watts.

Designed by BLD Design Studio

Designed by BLD Design Studio

The building’s imposing elegance and artistic elements makes it truly captivating. A visual treat, indeed!

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Art Houz
41 Kasturi Rangan Road
Chennai 600018
Tel: 044 2499 2173

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BLD Design Studio
77/2 1st Main Road
Besant  Nagar
Chennai  600090
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