"Creating a habitat is beyond just brick and steel"

- Ramesh Thamilmani, Architect

BLD Design Studio

BLD Design Studio  was established in the year 2007 to serve as a full-fledged architectural design firm that seamlessly combined landscape, architecture and interiors to create spaces both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. We believe that each design must serve as an ecosystem wherein all elements must come together in perfect harmony. We have designed for a variety of greenfield and brownfield projects that include retail, commercial, mixed-use and hospitality projects.

Every project designed by BLD is an expression seeking to represent an original thought. Global trends are quickly assimilated into design while keeping intact the traditional and cultural value pertaining to the project. We also believe in designing smart. BLD uses cost effective designing and completion techniques that directly result in savings and adds value to any project type.

The team comprising of designers and administrators are assisted by the latest technology and serve clients ranging from large corporations and national developers to governmental agencies and individual entrepreneurs. We place paramount importance on client relationships and their strong endorsements indicate repeated client satisfaction with design quality and services rendered. Acknowledgement from our clients only strengthens our resolve and dedication to a consistent design approach that has been sustained throughout BLD’s history.



Keeping in line with the requirements of the client and that of regulatory bodies the first step to designing is coming up with a feasible plan that serves to be the blueprint of any construction. Our senior architects are skilful in coming up with planning constructs that best capitalize upon the dimensions of the site.


Functionality only goes so far without aesthetic appeal, especially when pertaining to fabricating spaces. Our expert visualizers formulate an array of designs that agree best with the space factoring in sustainability and affordability. We at BLD believe in a multifaceted collaborative approach to all design problems wherein artists and technicians work in tandem.


A representation of the building design in all its finest details is rendered on software for the client to gain an intimate understanding and appreciation of what the building would look like after completion. Our in-house 3d department up to date with trending technology can not only produce renders of the highest quality but do so quickly assimilating inputs from the client.


Our light-on-foot and quickly deployable teams bring design concepts into absolute reality. Their longstanding experience in the field enables them to quickly analyse and source materials dispelling any doubts of designs on paper being impeccably executed.


  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Master Planning and Urban Designing
  • Home Automation
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Project Development & Support Services
  • Process Engineering
  • Elevation Design
  • Structual Design
  • Constructions
  • Energy Audit & Lighting Design